Dove Academy hosts the National Charter School Alliance

Nina Rees, President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools chose to visit Dove Academy on her tour of Michigan charter schools last week.

She chose Dove because of its incredibly dedicated students, families, teachers and staff.

“It was a privilege and honor to have Nina Rees visit Dove Academy,” said Tommy Brooks, principal of Dove Academy. “It was amazing to have her come and see the fruition of her work at the National Alliance. She works tirelessly advocating for us to make sure that we are thriving.”

Dove was selected among other top charter schools in Detroit to host Rees for a tour. MAPSA, the state charter school organization, organized the visit.

Nina experienced first hand how Dove brings value to the community in which the students and families live.

At Dove, we add value to Detroit by educating kids, hosting community events and partnering with families.

Nina Rees commented that “Dove is an example of how we are reshaping the narrative of charter schools. Good things are happening in Michigan charter schools – it is evident!”