Dove Academy of Detroit Granted Oakland University School Improvement Award

At Dove Academy of Detroit, we cherish our partnership between our authorizer and our school community. That partnership has grown since its inception back in 1997, and their support and contributions have helped us become the prosperous and innovative school that it is today. On top of providing us the resources needed to carry out our mission, they have awarded our school with their School Improvement Awards over the years.

This grant helps Dove pursue the innovative teaching methods that lead to higher test scores, a better campus and happier students. This year, we plan to use the award to ease our scholars in areas where they have struggled since the start of the pandemic. This includes physical and mental health education programs designed for our young scholars, literacy and math programs for both our staff and students and extra Chromebooks to be used in class.

Dove proudly celebrates our successes and achievements. We continue to be acknowledged for our excellent student learning programs and the family-like community we’ve built. We are well underway with another amazing school year, and want to give thanks to our families and our friends at Oakland University. Stay in the know with Dove Academy of Detroit on our Facebook, and keep up with us on our blog!

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