Principal Appreciation Month at Dove Academy of Detroit

October is Principal Appreciation Month and at Dove Academy of Detroit we couldn’t be more excited to highlight our hardworking and dedicated administration for all that they do. We take pride in providing both a unique and wholesome education, and that starts with our leadership. We want to take this opportunity to celebrate our leadership and explain what makes them such an important piece of our community.

The first administrator we would like to celebrate this month is our principal Shaun Caine. Growing up just minutes from the building which is now our Dove Academy home, Ms. Caine is a born and raised Detroit resident and holds a BS in Education and a Master of Education with a Major in Educational Leadership from Wayne State University. Before coming to Dove, she immersed herself in the education field by serving as a secretary for nearly 18 years throughout Detroit Public Schools, where she obtained many skills such as strong computer competency and office managerial skills, but most importantly, the importance of quality education and the functions and business of schools and districts.

The last administrator we are showcasing this month is our assistant principal Renee Wendt. Ms. Wendt is a familiar face to many in Dove Nation, as she has served in many roles, having taught every grade except 4th and 6th in her many years at Dove Academy. She upholds the mission of Dove and knows that we can make no excuses when it comes to student achievement and growth. Renee’s natural ability to create an atmosphere where students, staff and parents all thrive.

Our leaders will always be a fundamental part of our school community, and we can’t thank them enough for their compassion, dedication and hard work. They serve as the backbone of our school, the ones inspiring change, and the mentors who shape our youth’s future. While this month may mark the official celebration, every day is an opportunity to recognize and support these outstanding individuals. To see more on what’s happening at our school, visit our blog and stay up to date with us on social media.

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