Warm Smiles and Warmer Hearts

Three smiling students

October 18, 2019, was a special day for the scholars of Dove Academy of Detroit. Lake Trust Credit Union partnered with Operation Warm to deliver coats to all 465 students at Dove Academy. 

Operation Warm is a non-profit organization that provides warmth, confidence and hope to children in need through the gift of a new winter coat. Operation Warm manufactures their own coats so they know they are quality, which ensures kids will love the way they look and feel. Since 1998, Operation Warm has gifted over three million new coats to kids in need. 

Lake Trust Credit Union and Michigan state senator Marshall Bullock came to Dove Academy to surprise the scholars with coats to fulfill the mission of providing an effective, efficient and safe education. If students are warm, rested and comfortable, they perform better in their education. 

“We are grateful and honored that Dove Academy was selected to be a recipient in this year’s coat drive. It was an honor to have Lake Trust Credit Union and Operation Warm distribute coats to all of our students,” Tommy Brooks, principal at Dove Academy, commented.

“A community event like this allows our scholars to interact with a variety of stakeholders and showcase their positive character in a special setting. Our scholars were able to witness people giving their time and energy for others, and will hopefully continue this in their everyday lives,” Paul Ezel, assistant principal of Dove Academy, said.  

Group of smiling students standing outside

“We say ‘each one, teach one’ and there is no better way to teach good character than to show students the effects of good people coming together to make the world better. An event like Operation Warm allows students to see and experience community service as a part of their ongoing education,” Ezel exclaimed.

“The smiles and faces that were displayed by our scholars will truly stick with our community for a lifetime. We will cherish this moment and pay it forward by sharing acts of service to others who may be in need this winter and beyond,” Brooks commented. 

Having Senator Bullock in attendance was an honor. He was elected in 2018 and is part of District 4 where he represents Wayne County which includes Allen Park City, Detroit City, Lincoln Park City and Southgate City. 

Dove Academy is part of the 239,597 people that Senator Bullock represents and we were honored to have him present to experience all the amazing things happening at our school. We are so thankful for his service and commitment to putting kids first.  

Three smiling students standingThank you Lake Trust Credit Union and Operation Warm. October 18, 2019, will be a day to remember.