Promotion of Renee Wendt as new Assistant Principal

Dove Academy is pleased to announce the promotion of Renee Wendt as its new Assistant Principal! Ms. Wendt is a familiar face to many in Dove Nation, as she has served in many roles, having taught every grade except 4th and 6th in her 8 years at Dove Academy. She will serve alongside Ms. Caine to uphold the mission of Dove and serve our no excuses community–they both know that we can make no excuses when it comes to student achievement and growth.

In addition to teaching roles, Ms. Wendt has worn many hats, willing to step in numerous leadership positions including Interim Assistant Principal. Renee’s natural ability to create an atmosphere where students, staff and parents all thrive lead to her being nominated for MDE’s Teacher of the Year award in 2018. In 2019, Renee was featured in the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools “Thank a Charter Teacher” campaign, where she shared her love of the family atmosphere at Dove Academy and appreciation of Dove’s values and the standard it has set to become a successful school that produces successful, contributing members of an ever-changing global society. Renee also serves on the Community Education Commission in Detroit, appointed by Mayor Mike Duggan.

At Dove, we value our staff who continue to dedicate their talent and energy in service to our community. We are so grateful for Ms. Wendt and Ms. Caine to serve as leaders of Dove Academy. Please join us in congratulating Ms. Wendt on her new role!

In Partnership,

Laura Moellering
Area Superintendent