Tips to address your child’s pandemic worries

Tips to address your child's pandemic worries

The nature of this pandemic has left some kids with a heightened sense of stress and anxiety while in-person learning at schools. Educators are hearing common concerns in the classroom pertaining to physical and social interactions.

Students are facing amplified covid-related mental health issues more than ever before. To be successful academically in this new learning environment, social and emotional needs must be addressed. That’s why we place an emphasis on caring for the “whole child.” Dove Academy of Detroit employs a full-time social worker and a multi-tiered system of support coordinator (MTSS) to help students who are struggling with non-traditional stressors. This free resource offers students an outlet to improve their emotional health with education on how to help manage emotions and establish and maintain supportive relationships. The result, a more rounded, whole child approach.

Carlton Jackson, our school Social Worker addressed many of the questions he is encountering from students. Check out his advice to students and parents!

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